Anonymous asked: Do you ever consider the negative ramifications of how you dress, how your parents feel?

God yes, of course. I mean, obviously sun burn is a serious concern - considering how pale I am - but the way I see it is I’ll run the risk to avoid being over-heated. 

And don’t worry, my parents supply me with sun screen. They got me covered.

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felinesandliterature replied to your post: anonymous said:That dress is abso…

I pretend the cat hair that covers my clothes, bed & life is glitter. Cat glitter everywhere.


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Jeremy Jones, pictured above on the right, was an american sex offender and rapist who went on to commit multiple murders and develop into a serial killer during the 1990’s and early 2000’s. After his initial run ins with the law he was made to attend ‘sex offender’ classes, which he despised and about which he had said “I don’t want to listen to those perverts talk" - despite attending these classes as he had been convicted of raping women at gun point. 
When he was caught he admitted to numerous murders, including one case where he killed two women and dumped their bodies down a mine. About his willingness to confess one of his neighbours stated:
"I think he enjoys telling it to police; they tell me they can see it in his eyes. He’s reliving it."

Anonymous asked: ♪ Hey sexy lady ♪

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Anonymous asked: That dress is absolutely horrendous. It's covered in cat hair!

What dress?

And all of my clothes are covered in cat and/or dog hair. I don’t think my complete adoration of cats and other critters is any secret.

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Joseph Lyle Menendez and Erik Galen Menendez, also known as the Menendez Brothers, were two siblings who murdered both of their parents with a shot gun in 1989. Their father was shot at point blank range in the head, while their mother in an attempt to flee was shot in the leg. The blood caused her to slip and fall, and she was shot several more times - in the arms, chest and face. 
A few weeks before the murders their mother had mentioned to her psychiatrist that she was concerned her sons with sociopaths. In the weeks after the murders the brothers spent and extortionate amount of money on luxury items and this was what brought police attention to them, as they had not originally been suspected of the murders. 

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Anonymous asked: You're so gorgeous! How old are you?

Thank you! I am 23.

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Anonymous asked: Sometimes I feel attracted to a serial killer. And that feels wrong. Like it shouldn't be that way. Do you think being attracted to a killer is wrong?

No, I don’t. I cover this question in more detail here, but no - an attraction is a physical response and I don’t hold any moral standing to it - it’s your behaviour that really counts.

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Anonymous asked: How do you know if you have hybristophilia?

Are you attracted to people who have committed crimes because they have committed crimes? If yes, then congratulations, you have hybristophilia.

Hybristophilia is just a term for a specific type of attraction, it’s nothing more than an involuntary physical response to a certain type of person.

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When serial killer Andrei Chikatilo, pictured above, was arrested he was assessed by a psychiatrist who was operating under the guise of scientifically understanding the mind of a killer. Chikatilo found this flattering, and opened up to the psychiatrist, eventually confessing to 56 murders - 53 of which were verified, and this number was well above the 36 cases that police had originally attributed to him.

Anonymous asked: Are you an escort?


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