" The ultimate possession was, in fact, the taking of the life. And then..  the physical possession of the remains. "

bodysnatcherrrr asked: GORGEOUS! I'm in love with your eyebrows and style! :3

Thank you!!! :D

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yesweknowyouverywell asked: I think the death row restaurant sounds pretty cool, not sure why others are getting their patines in a bunch over it. it would suck if it got shut down though :/

The reason people are ‘getting their panties in a bunch’ is because it trivialises a very serious issue, it is profiting off the death of very real people and consequently makes light of the suffering people endure in the prison system. And this is an issue that is current and is still affecting people across the world - last year the US alone executed 38 people - real people, with real friends and families who cared about them. 

Imagine if someone set up a similar restaurant, but instead of capital punishment it was disease. What would you have as your last meal if you were dying from cancer? Alzheimers? If you were planning suicide? If you were fighting in a war and were facing imminent death? If you were about to be murdered?

Most people find it offensive to make money by treating human suffering as a joke. 

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Anonymous asked: What's your opinion about the Manson Family murdering Sharon Abigail Wartek Jay Steven and the Labiancas? Do you think Manson belongs in jail and do you think the girls left should be released on parole?

I think that the vast majority of information out there about the case is either wrong or highly sensationalised. No, I don’t think Manson belongs in jail for the crimes he was convicted of - but he was a career criminal so chances are he would have been jailed at another point for a different crime.

As for other members of the family who were imprisoned for the crimes I wouldn’t be particularly against releasing them on parole, although obviously parole boards are in a much better position to make that decision. I don’t think their risk would be too difficult to manage, considering none of them have a lengthy criminal history, they’ve taken a certain degree of responsibility for the crimes, they’re all in their 60’s and approaching their 70’s and the chances of the circumstances surrounding the crimes occurring again are very, very slim. But I live in a country where a life ‘sentence’ doesn’t mean life and am quite accustomed to murderers being granted probation/parole. 

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Animals being used as part of medical therapy (1956) 

Damn, I didn’t realise they had done that :|

Yeah, it was pretty bad. I think they’re close to just shutting the whole thing to down because they got a pretty serious backlash over it.

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Anonymous asked: Have you heard anything about the 'death row restaurant' that's opening somewhere in London? It's had a lot of backlash but I think it's pretty cool. What about you?

I looked it up and I have to say that the use of pictures of real executed prisoners as a menu is incredibly insensitive and disrespectful. These are people who have actually lost their life to the death penalty, and I’m sure their families and the families of those they’ve hurt wouldn’t be too pleased about a restaurant profiting off their pain. 

And that’s really just the most obvious part, referring to customers as ‘inmates’, using actual last meal requests that prisoners have asked for on their menu and charging and sentencing customers are all incredibly disrespectful and distasteful too. I think that theoretically it could have been a good idea if they didn’t trivialise the death penalty and the prison system to the extent that they have. 

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Anonymous asked: You are awesome and beautiful!! You're blog is freaking awesome and one of my favorites!! Stay lovely!

Thank you! You stay lovely!

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…so I’m away to get shot full of hep b.

Laters bitchez. 

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Anonymous asked: Have you ever/would you ever meet someone from tumblr?

I’ve ran into Emily a few times, and there are a few other people I follow from the same city/general area as me so it’s feasible in that sense. So yeah, definitely not against the idea.

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