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Anonymous asked: Do you mind posting another link to your opinion of capital punishment?

Normally all I say about the death penalty is that I abhor it. 

I’m actually having a hard time finding my past posts about capital punishment - but if you’re interested I’ve found an answered question on the issue of deterrence

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Anonymous asked: I was wondering, if you did have the time and wanted a relationship, who your ideal type of partner would be? Especially as you seem to be fascinatingly unique

My guess is there would be two criteria that a potential partner would have to meet:

1. I am attracted to them.

2. I enjoy spending time with them.

That would be the ideal right there. 

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A German child meets her father, a former WW2 soldier, for the first time since she was 1 year old, 1956.

Anonymous asked: I admire you.

Wow, thank you!

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Anonymous asked: sense you are uncomfortable with romantic relationships does that make you aromantic or asexual?

It would technically make me aromantic but I’ve never used that term and am not planning on starting now.

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Sheep skull.

Happiness is not the absence of problems, it’s the ability to deal with them.

- Steve Maraboli (via sexual-feelings)


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