Serial killer Blanche Taylor Moore’s crimes were discovered when her second husband fell ill and doctors became suspicious of his symptoms. Upon ordering toxicology tests they discovered he had ingested a large amount of arsenic, which was the cause of his symptoms - and luckily he survived. Authorities became suspicious of Moore as they were aware of her previous husband, as well her former boyfriend, had passed away under similar circumstances.
Once the bodies were exhumed and tested it was discovered that they also had large amounts of arsenic in their system when they died. Police arrested Moore and charged her with the murder of her boyfriend - Raymond Reid. It is suspected that she is responsible for more deaths, as she had a life long hatred of men that started with her alcoholic father, who used to prostitute her in order to pay the bills.
Franz Six: The Brilliant Nazi Educator

Franz Six was a Doctor of Philosophy who taught at the University of Konigsberg. He was also the chairman of Foreign Political Science at the University of Berlin, and was its first Dean of the Faculty for Foreign Countries.
Along with his achievements in the academic world, Franz Six was also a member of the German Schutzstaffel (SS), eventually making rank as SS-Brigadefuhrer (the equivalent of a United States brigadier general). Reinhardt Heydrich, one of the most vicious men in the Nazi hierarchy, even appointed him the head of a department tasked to create anti-Semitic, anti-masonic propaganda.
Aside from Jews and other “enemies of the state,” Six’s department also studied prominent figures among the Allies. Their names were written down in a “Black Book” for imprisonment, exile, or execution. Had “Operation Sea Lion” (the Nazi invasion of Britain) succeeded, Six would have commanded several SS death squads. They would have rounded up and liquidated their Black Book targets, which numbered over 2,800 people.
With the failure of the invasion, Hitler turned his eyes on the Soviet Union. In Russia, Franz Six led a team of SS thugs, dubbed the Einsatzgruppen, who massacred hundreds in Smolensk, including several Jewish intellectuals.
In 1948, Six was captured and put on trial. However, attempts to link him to the atrocities in Russia, as well as alleged plans for Britain, all failed. He was sentenced to decades of imprisonment but was released just four years later.

Anonymous asked: Hi :) What' so special in MarbleHornets?

It’s a ‘found footage’ youtube channel about slenderman. It’s just so subtle and creepy that it stayed with me. Graphic horror doesn’t affect me quite as much as shows or movies where you are aware of something sinister being present, but you don’t really know where or what it is. 

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Anonymous asked: What is your favorite scary movie? And why?

It’s entirely dependent on what you mean by scary. Under the whole umbrella term of ‘scary’ movies it would probably be Silence of the Lambs - although it’s not particularly scary, it’s just a brilliant movie. Very few movies actually scare me, so I tend to go for more gripping, original movies as opposed to strictly ‘scary’ films - MarbleHornets is really the only thing that’s really got to me, although it’s not a movie. 

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flannel asked: your blog is absolutely flawless. you're beautiful and you have great taste.

Thank you so much!

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Anonymous asked: I don't remember following you at all but I'm glad that I am.

Well then I’m glad you are too :)

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The Electric Chair, Huntsville Texas State Penitentiary, 1968 by Danny Lyon.
The “Hanging Tree” in Calabasas, Los Angeles County, 1939. | Witness to a Hanging: California’s Haunted Trees

Anonymous asked: The "true crime" community here makes me sick. I like yours but blogs like thedeathmerchant is just so toxic. She's 32 years old and says she isn't worshipping serial killers but then goes ahead and posts a drawing of a foot of some batshit crazy man, like "ooo how cool a foot, how amazing, ooo such cool people". Like these people have killed and raped, yet she glorifies them and fangirls over their foot smh.

I follow thedeathmerchant, and I haven’t seen her ‘worshipping’ serial killers, I think that people are quite quick to assume that an avid interest is some form of worship whenever it’s a morbid topic, and especially when the topic is handled in an insensitive manner - which I have to admit is done very, very frequently, and is not a phenomenon specific to tumblr but just in the media at large.

Yes, thedeathmerchant has made posts which I would personally find insensitive and trivialising considering the topic that her blog covers - but I would not say it’s worship and it would not say that this is because she is ‘toxic’. It’s a problem that just comes hand in hand with a serious topic that is so heavily glorified in our society. And serial murder really is glorified and trivialised in mainstream media - I mean, serial killers get nicknames, they have movies made about their life, they grace the covers of magazines and they are basically treated like celebrities. When you’re exposed to that on such a regular basis it’s incredibly easy to forget the gravity of what they have done. It doesn’t matter what age you are, or how opposed you are to violence and hurting others you may be - you are still susceptible to desensitisation and being sucked into the ‘novelty’ and ‘glorification’ that you’re constantly exposed to.

And trust me when I say that thedeathmerchant is still better than a lot of other people on this site. I have seen people actually refer to serial killers as a ‘fandom’ - but again, it’s part and parcel of the type of exposure that these types of criminals receive. 

And while I totally agree that glorifying these people should be avoided, I think you really need to consider firstly whether or not it’s intentional, and secondly why people are so comfortable handling such serious topics in a trivial manner - instead of just personally attacking them. 

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He’s just too cute. #puppiesofinstagram #puppy #Chomsky #dogsofinstagram #cute

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Anonymous asked: Never gonna give you up

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Anonymous asked: Why do you got to be so pretty! I'm so jealoussssss.

Thank you! But don’t be jealous, most of the time I’m exhausted and look like absolute crap - sleep deprivation isn’t always the most attractive thing on a person.

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its-sid-here asked: Wow! I'm so glad I found your blog it's fascinating and different :)

Thank you so much!

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Anonymous asked: Are you a smoker?

No, I am not.

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